Schooling Coyote Spring Farm

  1. 6 Acre Derby-X area, 140‘ x 250’ Grand Prix arena with Olympic quality surface, large water complex, XC obstacles through Preliminary

  2. 1 km metered Galloping Track with professional Steeplechase hurdles

  3. 100‘ x 204’ indoor arena with Olympic quality surface

  4. 40 acres of woodland & field trails

  5. Video of Derby-X schooling area --

  1. ALL SCHOOLING MUST BE SCHEDULED AHEAD OF TIME  - email preferred ( Riders must sign a liability form (in the barn isle). An ASTM helmet must be worn at all times when mounted. A jumping vest for XC schooling is strongly encouraged. Ground person strongly recommended for any jumping.

  2. All hacking / conditioning must be around EDGES of fields. Do not cross through them. Check first via email to see if fields are open for hacking.  Gallop track is for conditioning only; not for hacking. Do not allow horses to stand and “paw” in the water. It will wreck the liner. No horses allowed inside the barn.  You may use outdoor wash stall.

  3. All manure in indoor must be placed in bucket. All manure in outdoor arena must be picked up (thrown on grass or into compost pile).

  4. No dogs (there are enough here already).

  5. Conditioning /hacking - $15

  6. XC & Derby-X Schooling - $35

  7. Indoor Show Jumping - $20