Our Farm


  1. *Main barn features twenty 12x12 matted, well-ventilated stalls with huge windows

  2. *Heated indoor wash stall with hot & cold water

  3. *Outdoor wash stall

  4. *Heated tack room & bathroom

  5. *Wide, clutter-free aisles

  6. *Blanket drying racks

* Large storage area

  1. *Parking available for your trailer


  1. *100‘ x 204’ indoor arena with state-of-the-art Professionally Engineered riding surface (same as used in World Equestrian Games & Olympics)

  2. *Large, heated 2nd story viewing room with closed circuit arena TV & sound


  1. *140‘ x 250’ state-of-the-art arena with surrounding grass & wooded 6 acre Derby-X area

  2. *Portable XC jumps from Tadpole through Preliminary - Logs, Tables, Coops, Feeders, Corner, Brush, etc.

  3. *Bank with multiple heights

  4. *Multiple Ditches & Trakehner (adjustable to Intermediate)

  5. *Large Water Complex with 3 banks & ramps in all directions


  1. *Metered 1km grass track for conditioning & pacing

  2. *Professional SAFETFENCE Steeplechase hurdles


  1. *Lush grass pasture as well as dirt turnout available

  2. *Over 100 acres of our own hay field perfect for hacking around

  3. *40 acres of woods with maintained trails

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